Abraham House admission is not based on income level or ability to pay.  Although current program and service costs are $394 per day per guest, we never bill guests or families for services provided, nor do we collect insurance reimbursements. It is hoped that guests and family members will provide Abraham House with reasonable financial compensation dependent upon their individual ability to pay. We also respectfully request that you keep Abraham House in mind for donations and/or obituary mention.

 Criteria for Admission:

Abraham House admissions are facilitated through Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. who provide the medical care plan and case management for our guests. Therefore, all potential Abraham House guests must also be patients of Hospice. (Note that Abraham House and Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. are separate non-profit organizations who team together to provide the highest quality care.) Hospice can be contacted at (315) 735-6484 for additional information.

>Candidates for Abraham House are individuals with a terminal diagnosis and a prognosis of three months or less who are in need of round-the-clock loving care and desire a home-like environment. In general, the stay at Abraham House is limited to 3 months.

>Referrals are welcomed from any source including family members, hospitals, physicians, and home care agencies.

>We pre-evaluate all potential admissions and accept guests on a case by case basis.

>Admission to Abraham House is prioritized based on need and not necessarily on a first come-first serve basis. Preference is given to those who are determined to have the highest level of need.

>Our goal is to provide appropriate pain and symptom management so our guests’ can have a peaceful and comfortable quality of life throughout even their final days.

>We will accept guests with oxygen, catheters, colostomies, feeding tubes, IV pumps, and tracheotomies provided that they are deemed appropriate by all other standards so we can confidently provide the level of care required.

>We do not accept guests who receive intramuscular or subcutaneous injections (including insulin) as Abraham House caregivers are not authorized to perform injections. If arrangements are made for necessary injections to be administered by someone other than Abraham House staff, admission exceptions may be considered.

>We will not admit guests whose weight is higher than we can safely maneuver. Due to the fact that we may have one caregiver on duty, we need to be sure we can provide the safest and most comfortable care possible. A general guideline we use is 200 lbs. Level of guest mobility and height must also be considered.

>We only accept guests who smoke under the following conditions:

= guests may smoke only when there are 2 caregivers available so that they may be accompanied at all times

= smoking is allowed outside only

= all tobacco products, lighters, and matches are to be kept in locked custody of Abraham House staff at all times

>While 24-hour care is provided through our trained surrogate caregivers, we may ask family members to sit with guests if they become agitated.

>A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order needs to be in place as staff and volunteers at Abraham House are not authorized to perform CPR or call 911.

We understand that this is a difficult time. Abraham House was established to make the situation a little easier by providing the loving care that terminally ill individuals need and deserve. It is a privilege to care for someone during this time in their life. Thank you for your faith and trust.

For further information, please call Abraham House at (315) 733-8210.

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